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Brand Messaging

Brand Story

Sonoma State University’s brand messaging begins with our Brand Story. It establishes who we are, what we do, and why we matter.

Tucked among sprawling hills and surrounded by trees, we’re a gateway to a fulfilling future. Our campus is a living example of Northern California’s diverse natural beauty. Instead of busy streets and smog-filled skies, we have trails to traverse and fresh air to breathe. We’re an inspiring environment where curiosity leads to discoveries. Where connections are built between students and faculty; graduates and organizations. We are a community of natural leaders and entrepreneurial thinkers. Open-minded and adventurous. Empathetic and eager to make a mark on the world. We embody the Sonoma State of Mind—a life-changing mindset centered on the values of integrity and ingenuity. We’re not a place you leave, we’re a philosophy that stays with you forever.

Brand Promise 

Through all of our brand work, both visual and verbal, we have the opportunity to create a deeper understanding of our mission and invite our audience to join. This one-sentence statement serves as a reminder of our purpose:

We inspire a curious, confident mindset that empowers students to become strong and thoughtful leaders in their careers, communities, 
and beyond. 

Tone & Word Choice

In all our written communications the Sonoma State University voice is curious, adventurous, and optimistic. The tone evokes confidence in SSU, inspiring students, donors, faculty, and the community at large.