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Crisis Communications


The Crisis Communications team in Strategic Communications is responsible for communicating with the campus community and the public during critical or emergency situations.

Our main priority is to provide accurate and timely information to our students, faculty, staff and the local community so that you can be well-informed. Your safety is what matters most to us. 

This communication occurs via the emergency notification system, the Sonoma State University website, social media, and the news media.

We work in conjunction with the Emergency Operations Center, Police Services, and Risk Management and Safety Services. Police Services is responsible for dealing with the emergency itself and due to this, the campus community should avoid contacting Police Services for information during an emergency. 

Our team will use multiple media to deliver information to the campus community:

  • emergency notification system

  • email if available

  • Facebook and Twitter posts

  • posts to the SSU website

  • messages on the SSU emergency line: 1-888-533-5388

  • messages on the SSU main line (707-664-2880) directing callers to the emergency line.

Visit the Emergency Services website to learn more about the University‚Äôs Emergency Management Program and the SSU Emergency Plan.