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Cloud-based Services

All cloud-based services must be reviewed by IT and Procurement before they can be installed on any university-owned device, such as computers, phones and tablets. This also applies to paid services, as well as "free trials."

There are several steps that you and your department are required to fulfill before installing a cloud-based service. Allow at least 10 business days to complete these steps.

  1. Submit an IT Certification form.
  2. IT does the initial review and then asks the submitter to fill out the Cloud Usage Checklist.
  3. IT reviews the checklist.
  4. After the IT approves the certification request and the Cloud procurement checklist, submit these with an EREQ to Procurement. If this a free or free trial, indicate the cost as $0 on your EREQ
  5. Procurement reviews the terms and conditions.

For more information, please contact Procurement, 707-664-2191.